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    10:30 am - 6 pm

  • Pizzaman Restaurant

Breakfast is Back!
Sat-Sun 8:00am-Noon

  • Pulltabs

    Thousand Dollar Pull Tab Winner We feature both paper and electronic pull tabs for your charitable gaming fun! We are typically operating 8 live paper pulltab boxes and plenty of electronic pulltab machines with dozens of games for your convenience.

  • Outdoor Dining Patio

    Drinking on the Pizzaman PatioJoin us on the fenced-in patio for a beer, pizza, party, or a full meal.

    We serve our full menu and bar whenever the weather permits throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

  • Weekend Entertainment

    Friday Karaoke at Pizzaman Farmington MN
    We have dancing and karaoke every Friday night and a DJ every Saturday night. Friday nights are hosted by Ghostrider or Crazy Craig. Saturdays feature OMG Music Entertainment.

  • School & Sporting Concessions

    School Pizza Concessions Check into our pizzas for your next school event, dance, or sports concessions.

    Pizza-by-the-slice is a proven fundraising winner.